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Cancer care of the future should be about giving patients accurate insights about their individual chance of response and resistance to existing and experimental treatments.

Most current cancer therapies only work well in a minority of patients, and predicting benefit ahead of time is only possible in very few instances. This means wasted time, resources, and avoidable side effects for treatments without benefit.

Our mission is to accurately predict the probability of therapeutic response for an individual patient through deep understanding of the underlying biology.

This knowledge enhances and accelerates the development of new treatments; allows identification of biomarkers of response and resistance; reduces substantial failure rates of new cancer therapeutics and ultimately, informs decisions about best available treatment choices for patients.


To accurately model complex human biology and accommodate the uncertainties stemming from our limited grasp of it, we looked to astrophysics.

We adopted and evolved computational modelling methods that allow cosmologists to simultaneously integrate vast amounts of complex data to estimate the mass of dark matter in the universe. In our hands, the biological equivalent of “dark matter” is therapeutic response and patient outcomes, which we infer by integrating and learning from multifaceted diverse data gathered over decades of cancer research and clinical treatment.


Identify new drug indications and combinations using minimal data

Define patient-specific biomarkers of response to existing and emerging therapies

De-risk clinical drug development with in silico trials


Our cloud-based platform effectively integrates diverse data parcels to generate meaningful insights.


Advanced analytics

Translating advanced modelling and predictions using our unique technology for science and clinical research.

Advanced analytics


Our partners leverage Concr advanced predictive modelling across every stage of therapeutic development to create shared value for the benefit of cancer patients.



We teamed up with leading astrophysicists to adapt established algorithms for genuine integration of disparate oncology datasets.


An oncologist, cosmologist and computer scientist walk into a bar…

We are a diverse group of world leaders and pioneers spanning three generations. We have been curated to answer the hardest questions in precision oncology translation and application.

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