Advanced analytics

Translating Concr's advanced modelling and predictions for science and clinical research

Research & Development

Use molecular data from in-vitro models and cancer biopsies to identify biomarkers for solo and combination treatments, accelerate IND submission, and discover novel treatment strategies

Clinical Trials

Integrate spatial and bulk molecular data to devise companion diagnostic strategies, de-risk clinical trials, and improve chances of regulatory approval through better patient selection

Treatment Insights

Plug-in genomic and clinical data to identify more effective and versatile biomarkers for any therapeutic or expand indications and synergistic combinations of a drug asset

Our platform empowers users to make the most of their data

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Help us enable biopharma, diagnostics and healthcare industries to discover better ways to overcome cancer.

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Our partners leverage Concr advanced predictive modelling across every stage of therapeutic development to create shared value for the benefit of cancer patients.



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